Zero accounts not showing in Balance Sheet


The accounts that have value Zero are not showing in Balance Sheet report. More over, I have setup an Asset Account, called Cash In Safe, and when I show the balance sheet in Monthly view, all months will be fine except December will have Zero value!, and if I show the same in Yearly view, the whole account will not show (because i guess it’s taken as an account with value = 0.0).

Can you check this please.


@ahmed which version?

@nabinhait can you check

It is very important to know the version, because changed some logic in version 7.

If it is version 6, please let me know if you are using Financial Analytics for the Balance Sheet.

I have tested in version 7, it is working fine for the above scenario.

Hello @nabinhait, I’m using version 6, and that happens while using Balance Sheet.

I get to balance sheet from Analytics column in the Accounts module. I am not sure it’ll this what you meant by using Balance sheet from Financial Analytics.