About Education category

Welcome to the ERPNext Education forum. The Education Module in ERPNext has features to manage Course, Instructor, Student, Fees, Learning Management System, Assessment, and much more. To see a highlight of the features, visit this page.

In this category, you can post questions, discuss, and help other community members with Education Module related questions that pertain to ERPNext.

Before asking a question here, do go through the official ERPNext documentation to see if you can find your answers to your questions.

Here are some common topics in Education that users may need help with:

  1. Course
  2. Program
  3. Student
  4. Fees
  5. Setting Up LMS
  6. LMS Masters
  7. Assessment Plan

When posting or replying, remember to be kind!

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Hello Prasad,

I’m not sure why these “new” pages have been created in the forum, which by themselves do not have anything substantial to contribute to user knowledge, other than pointing to already existing user manual pages.

Additionally, even the hyperlinks in the list is incorrect. Please check the quality and usability of your contributions, before creating new forum posts.