Accessing Production server


How can i access my production server from a different PC. Im not using virtual box.

Can you be more specific how you would like to access it?

You need to inform us as we can’t be sure what you are talking about here…

Hello Sir,
I’m newbee here sir…
i made a Ubuntu 14.04 production server from another computer…Now, i want to access it from my other PC like i want my server to be available on my workstation.

Thanks cpsolution,

To access server A from client B you will want to start up an SSH connection session so you need to do this -

  1. Find out the IP address of server A that runs erpnext
  • ‘open a terminal’ to access the Linux command line where you enter: ifconfig -a
  • look there to find an ip address listed like this
    eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 52:54:00:70:5b:f1
    inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
  1. From client B, ssh login to the frappe user account on A
  • from the command line: ‘ssh frappe@
    at the password prompt try entering ‘frappe’

This may help you with details

If it is just 'access" to the system that you want (i.e. make use of ERPNext on another PC on the network), then all you should have to do is go to the PC on your network that you want to use and open a browser like chromium or firefox. In the address bar of the browser, just type in the IP address of the server and you should be in business.

For example… The test server that I have in my closet is a Debian 8 server running version 8 of ERPNext. It has an IPaddress on the network of
So, at my desk I just type into the address bar of my browser and the ERPNext login screen appears!

Hope that helps :grin:


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Also… If your home network has a wireless router, you should also be able to type the same ip address into the browser of your smart phone or an android tablet or similar wifi connected device and gain access to your server that way as well.

Yes it works from most mobile devices (at least most of it anyway).


i dont have eth0 …
.I got p3p1 Link encap: Ethernet HWaddress 2c:4d:54:ed:ba:c0
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
I also change the ~sites/common_sites_config.json port…

Thank you sir. i can access now my server but the thing is i can login using As Administrator…

Once you log in as Administrator, you can use the Administrator account to create your first user login credentials. In fact I believe there is a script that runs the first time you login as Administrator that will step you through some of the important first steps of setting up the system. One of those steps is creating the first user account.

If the script doesn’t run for some reason, you can go to the setup area and select “Users” to create a new user account.

Good Luck with your testing.


user: Administrator
password: admin
I cant login sir using that user and password…

try this Forgot the login credentials - #5 by clarkej

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