Accessing the desk screen in version 12


I need to access the desk screen in version 12 to be same as in previous versions (like version 11 and 10 and so on). How?

Is it no more the icons and badges?


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for your question all information is here…


Hello @M27

They mentioned that there will be a possibility to work in the old desktop shape, but I did not find the way to select this option.

I checked the Help and the Settings and did not find any option to select which desktop view to be displayed. So from where I can select this?


Currently there is no setting/option to switch back to the icon based desk in v12/develop.

It will be added as they mentioned?


Not likely, not enough maintainers / resources to manage multiple home screens. A bunch of volunteers can setup a custom app and support it if they like.

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Would be open to contribute on getting the classic desktop as a configurable alternative back… after some time working with Desktop 2.0 it still is not as user-friendly as the “old desktop”… The Desktop 2.0 requires so many more clicks to get the same thing done; and it takes longer to actually click the right thing…


Hello @lasalesi
So what is this solution? This new Desktop is taking us backward instead of moving forward.

No badges existed !
In the old desktop, we are able to see the badges counter on each icon, so we can have good follow up on any pending document. This is missed in Desktop 2.

So, any development is happening to resolve this (at least in the near future)?


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Hi @bghayad,

I share your concern, which is why I posted that we would be open to collarorate on this; the user experience of the Desktop 2.0 is frustrating.

I guess options are:

  • have the iconic desktop as an option. the cure team doesn’t seem to support this.
  • creating a fork with the iconic desktop (and maybe user friendliness as an objective)
  • supporting to improve Desktop 2.0 to a state where it can actually be used.

Trying to help the latter with Improving desktop 2.0…