Improving desktop 2.0

Dear all,

now we have been trying to get used to Desktop 2.0, which has not been easy.

With some collected review, I am proposing here an extension that might work more use friendly again: the average ERPNext user has some ~10 Doctypes she/he frequently uses (e.g. Timesheet, Task, Issue, Customer, Sales Order, Delivery Note). With the current configuration, either she/he has to

  • use the search bar and type
  • remember which module the doctype belongs to and shortlink
  • open the module and search for the doctype

Why not have a top section of the (per user) most used doctypes, like a dashboard showing the open documents on a red dot? Alternatively, let the user choose which are the favorites and pin them.


I like it…

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This is a very good idea actually :slight_smile:

Within my companies we definitely have only very specific doctypes that we use, example Leads, Events, Tasks

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Good idea, but I think the desktop needs a rethink. The version 12 does not make efficient use of the screen.

Your idea, for example, could be implemented as a menu bar notification dropdown.


Thanks for your feedback. I agree on the rethink :wink:

What I would like to achieve is that the user can click top left Desktop and then in one click open the Doctype where he/she wants to work on… The menu option is actually very close to the top right open items menu, which currently is highly used as a workaround to the missing simple desktop navigation (people keep documents of all relevant types open and then jump top right menu > Doctype)…


Notification Centre is under development 8431



Thanks @hrwx for sharing. This does also look nice, yet, the above mentioned improvement serves a more direct purpose/use…

Hey @lasalesi

  • You can add/remove shortcuts for DocTypes in the card dropdown and that should suffice your requirement.
  • You can refer the gif, on how to add shortcuts.


nice to have shortcuts, but it’s not cross modules and one more click to drill down and reach doctype right.

Most used doctypes list is more user friendly I feel, or recent 4 or 5 opened doctypes is a good option.


Most recent 4 or 5 opened doctypes per user

Amazing idea @nmami

I like all of the ideas, but none of them make v12 any easier to use on a small tablet or mobile screen. Adults have big fingers and this crowded card and drop-down menu system has proved very difficult for my mobile clients. I have not been successful getting any of them to switch to v12 because they cannot easily access the things they use the most.

Would be nice if we could make new cards on the desktop that directly open a function instead of having to try to navigate the menu on small screens.

Thanks for your efforts toward making this easier to use, but we still have far to go.



Hi @hrwx,

thanks for the note on the shortcuts. However, in practice they are not too helpful. Firstly, you still have to first think - which module to click for. Then, aiming for the small arrow of the dropdown is not very speedy. And configuration of the dropdowns still has open issues (see How I broke my desktop dropdown menu) So in essence, we need something that is short and user friendly…

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Hey @lasalesi,

Already fixed #8273


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Merged: 8431

Thank @harshit-30, this is a clean version of the previous red button at the top right…

However, it does not really bring a favorites function… Refering to topics like Multiple Issues with V12 Desktop! I think we are again making things worse by making something simple more complicated…