Add comments column below part no and description in quotation items

hi all, i need to add comments to each and every part number in a quote. and the comments should come below the description(not as separate column) please help

Where are you trying to show/output this? A specific report or print format?

In the print format…I need to always mention some common below the item name(for example: date of Manufacture, certification etc)

Like this

If you dont need item attributes to list automatically, the Description section in Item can hold the information , and it can be arranged in a table if that helps formatting.

When you create a quotation, add the item , save and click the print icon upper right. The description field will display:

The form can be further customized by clicking Menu, Customize to add or remove other elements.

thank you, please advise how to add those comments section in my description…refer to picture 1

On the desktop, click Item icon.
Search for the item you are going to quote. When it appears in the list, click on it to open it.
Click on Description (under Default Unit of Measure) It should look like the first screenshot in my reply above)
Enter the Part Number and a new line for each additional comment, or click on Table in the editor bar to create a table and enter the information in the table cells.
Click blue Save button upper right,

On the Desktop search bar type: New Quotation, open a new quote.
Add the item(s) to the quote, click blue Save button upper right, then click the print icon.

thank you very much…is there is any option to do that directly in the sales quote without going to items every time. the description remains some…but always need to add something just below the description.

I do not know of a way to dynamically add text to an item description in a quotation.

when you edit the item as described, you’re adding the description to the item, not to the proposal. So any time you’d use that item again, that information would be pulled in. Of course, you need to do this for all items that need additional information.

And once you’ve added the item description to your document template , as also shown above, any new proposals you create should have the item info listed properly.

And as far as dynamic descriptions, I think there is a way you can do it, but I’ll have to look at my system to find out.

Thank you , everytime when i quote to my customers i need to add the certificate date…and it will change everytime…so it will be better if i have a column below description which i can edit manually