Add Single Page Application to website portal page

My approach:

  • www/portal_page/* is dist.
  • build a “dist” using any JS framework
  • place index.html in www/portal_page/
  • edit index.html to link appropriate asset files served from public/js public/css
  • place js in public/js, place css in public/css
  • add a build.json, just a stub to symlink the directory and make assets available

Example repo (example frappe app + angular app)

check README for more.



This link is somewhat relevant: How to import Vue components?


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Is something available for AngularJS? I’m trying to add an Angular App to an internal page.

The ng build --prod build not reflected in frappe …Can you help me out to resolve this?(The frappe port always loading old files not updated files means Angular dist build files)