Adding Email Signature

How can I add an email signature when sending an email through the helpdesk ? I identified a field in the User doctype named ‘Email Signature,’ but it is not functioning. Do I need to enable something in HD settings or any other doctype? Please assist.

Hi @jishnusuni,

You can add an Email Signature to your Email Account and check it.


Thank You!

@NCP Thank you for the reply. In my case, I want to add email signature for individual users. The users will use the same email account to reply to the tickets. To identify which user sends a reply to a ticket, I want to add email signature for each individual user. Is there any default method to add a signature for a user in Frappe or Helpdesk?

Check here, it’s in the user’s settings:

I have found the other location in email account settings to be unnecessary in my case.


there is “mystery” here for me, why in user card signature is “longtext” and in email account it’s a HTML rich text ?

“Mistery”, not really, it’s like that in DocTypes definitions, but it can be seen as a lack of consistency for standard users

I’m not sure the reason there are signature settings available both in the user document and the email document, let alone the difference between the field types. Probably there is no reason. They were created by different people at different times for different reasons. Maybe the email account settings were originally fields in the user document and they outgrew that arrangement, ending up later in their own doctype, but the signature field in the user field was never properly cleaned up.

Based on the fact that I can use that signature field in the user doc and not in the email account doc, I think there is probably code relying on the signature field there that complicates any attempt at cleaning up the old field.