Allow employee to see only attendance of employees who works under him

Employees can see all data of employees working under him what I want that he can only see the attendance and leaves. What permissions would be needed to change?

@Khadija, Go to: Setup > User Permission (Select the user)

Under the Advanced Control section, uncheck the Apply to all document types checkbox. Select attendance (or any other applicable doctype).

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now it is acting weird, he can only see attendance of employees working under him but can also see other doctypes of all employees. Why is that so

He can see the other doctypes or not?

No only attendance and leave application. If this is very complicated can you tell me just how I allow leave approvers to view leave applications?

In Setup > User, you can set Roles for a user. If this particular user is a leave approver, assign that role. In the Department master, under the Leave Approvers section, you can set leave approvers for that particular dept.

All Employees in this dept will have to get their leaves approved from their respective leave approvers. Check this link for further clarifications…

In case the issue is giving the leave approvers access to leave applications, permissions can be assigned to roles in Role Permissions Manager.

Let me know if this helps

first of all each employee is restricted to view their own data only except hr managers, otherwise I did exactly same settings but now every employee can view only their data, If I give an employee the role of leave approver still he is unable to view other employees leave application.

Have you linked the leave approver to a department?

yes, I have still he can only see his own leave application


I have done all this still leave approver only sees his own leaves only

Also if I add members under him reporting to him then we know he can view their data too, even if they are of different department having different leave approver still he is able to approve their applications. There is so much confusion.