Any plans to improve ERPNext CRM?

Hi Everyone,

We have implemented ERPNext and I can say it is more than satisfying, but the CRM is lagging behind!

Any plan to have a serious CRM Module?

These days the CRM is becoming the most serious part of any ERP/Business.

We had to subscribe with ZOHO in order to fulfill our needs, ERPNext CRM customization is extremely hard.

A revamp of the CRM structure needs to be considered and to focus more on the sales team who they are always looking for straight forward CRM and ease of use.


I agree with you.

But could you list out some of the missing features that swayed you to Zoho ?


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I’m also very interested in the improvement of the CRM functions.

There are a many topics around this, but they are all closed with no solutions.

For me it would be important that the SalesPerson can report the result of a call/meeting with the customer. Because a salesperson can have up to 100 opportunities and a opportunuty can last up to 2 years. So its important for the sales person to write it down because its not possible to have everything in mind.

Or some kind of “Taskmanager” would be interesting in CRM, so the salesperson can write to the backoffice what to do.


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  • first of all CRM interface needs uplifting
  • centralizing all CRM/Selling or making what is related available in both place, sales people are lazy they need everything in a single place
  • custom fields and mapping
  • the conversion process, when converting a lead it should disappear from leads table and show only in opportunity
  • lead status is confusing
  • lead form is basic

this is what i can remember for now



Better CRM module UI with Sales person tracking is a very valued feature which would really help in getting the on-field sales team also organised.

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No updates on this topic, right?
Has someone got his own customizations to share with the community so that not everybody needs to adjust his own stuff?

unfortunately no update, although i think this is a very pressing and important matter to make the CRM in ERPNext up the the level!

We’ve worked on CRM internally for our own personal use. If anyone is interested, we can have an online demo to show the feature. I think it will be a good starting point.


@asoral i’m interested

@asoral, maybe that could be done in cooperation with frappe-team within their webinar series? I am also interested in your best practices/ experiences.

@asoral you can pls state the features covered by your app here in the forum.It will definitely elicits more interest

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  1. Calendar integration for events
  2. Sales activity tracker for opportunities
  3. Minor UI changes
  4. Hot lead tacker
  5. Lead scoring
  6. Lead assignment
  7. Project enhancement
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Sounds promising. Why don’t you contribute back to the core?

Made it with many hard coded stuff for ourselves. Might be overwhelming and not so useful as a whole

At least if you can share app here let’s try it out that will be nice.

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@asoral its definitely very interesting to look into your CRM app, it would be great if you can share it

@asoral any demo or a link you can share to have a look?

These are some screenshots that explain how an activity can be added and tracked for every opportunity. Also, lead scoring rule defines how important a lead is and based on this score there is different tat for every lead to be followed.

Hi, I have just started using CRM and I find the changes you’ve made very helpful, specially the report tracking the calls, follow ups, email and meeting.
Can we schedule a demo so we can take a closer look at what you developed?
I’ll appreciate that

Very Helpful I’ll appreciate that