Sales Person Tracking

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We are trying to develop an app that would enable one to track the Sales Person, track the sales he/she has done, assign tasks to him/her while they are on the move, etc.

As mentioned here - Track Sales Personell using ERPNext app, and probably this has been asked by a lot of people.

Here’s a list of features to begin with -

  1. Track Sales Person through GPS in real time
  2. Manage check-in and check-out at a Client’s place to record minutes spent.
  3. Be able to record summary of visit.
  4. Be able to directly apply for leave or expense from the app., etc

A rough mock up for this -

Feel free to suggest changes to the UI or adding features to the list.


Is it a native or hybrid app?

I’ve seen in some ERPs that for expense claim, Employee / Sales Person can simply take a snapshot of the bill and enter other particulars of Expense for claim. His reporting manager approves the claim and then it becomes payable to Employee.

It’d be native per say. We’ll be using kotlin for the application. Most of the core code will be same for android and ios. The view for both will have to be tweaked separately though.

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There’s a use case that a company hires Sales Person to help shop owner to boost their sales, and company want to keep track on Sales Person.

I would suggest features as below:

  • Overtime request and approve ( for supervisor or team leader )
  • Be able to check-in and check-out multi time a day
  • Be able to attach selfie photo when check-in and check-out to make sure Sales person don’t ask someone to help, but it’s optional
  • Be able to track what phone model Sales Person use to check-in and out
  • Be able to see working schedule (work shift), Ex: Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm or Sun - Thu 3pm to 8pm
  • Offline mode, it’s good to have.
  • Announcement Board (Social), where Supervisor or Team leader can share information to the team.
  • Be able to toggle view from back-end. Ex. Hide some menus
  • Layout should be a grid with two columns and navigation at the bottom since phone getting taller.

Something similar as below picture.


Hi @Zlash65

Why the choice of Kotlin?

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Any progress on this?

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any update

Any updates.

Hi guys, do you need a help for this app?

how can i get this app?

How can get this app?

Daily stock loading , sales to particular customers and sales returns to allow for balancing of stock and cash for each salesman.

route planning for salesman showing outlets to visit , target for the day, strike rate.

vehicle mileage of salesman truck to monitor asset optimisation

plug in to power bi would be lovely for reporting.

ability to do a competitor products stock take in outlets

Hello any one looking There?