API to get Item Price - Applying Price Rules


Is there any Remote API available to get Item’s final price after applying all the Pricing Rules. There could be multiple price rules - based on Item or based on Customer.

I am looking for an API, which when called will understand the context in which the call is made (Customer, Item, Customer Group, Item Group etc) and return me a price for the item.

I am planning to put this price in a custom Shopping Cart App. I need to have different prices for different customers and planning to use ‘Pricing Rule’ feature.

I tried using - erpnext.shopping_cart.product.get_product_info API, but it seems it is returning only the standard selling price. The pricing rules are not applied.

Appreciate any help in pointing to right API.

Try with apply_pricing_rule

@Sachin_Mane Were you able to use this? I have tried but not getting any result.

No. We switched from Pricing Rule to Price List and developed a custom API to get items with correct price list applied.

Could you share more information. We are also currently facing challenge with eCommerce Cart reflecting regular price for alll pieces of item in Cart total instead of some at pricing rule as per Max qty set while other qty should be at price list rate.

Hi, Could you share the solution if you solve this issue as I’m facing the same

Hi,can you share on how to achieve this