Apply Pricing Rule built in function


Is there any built in function where I can apply Pricing rule based on Customer or some parameters?

I have searched in forum but no success. Also I have searched the code but no success.

These are the topic I have seen:

Can you provide some more specifics as to where you want to apply this Pricing Rule ?
Whats your use-case ?

In general use. For example, I want to get the price of an item/or items based on Pricing List or Customer.

Let’s say I have a Customer named “Customer 1”, with Pricing List “Customer 1 Pricing List”. This Pricing list has a set of items.

I have created a Pricing Rule for this customer based on Rules provided in the Pricing Rule doctype.

What I want is to get a list of items for this Customer with Pricing Rule applied.

I hope I was clear with my explanation.

Thank you!

What I am doing, I am creating an online store. And when a Customer is logged in, he can see the price of the item, including Pricing Rule if there is any.

Hi @aldoblack, Currently Pricing Rule cannot be applied on the basis of Customers. However, it seems like a good feature so why don’t you open a github issue for the same?

Perfect. I will.
What about on basis of Price List?

in pricing rule i have added address(shipping) as an option in applicable_for field.
i have also opened a new field “address”, whose display depends on applicable_for==address.
so now i want pricing rule to work in sales order by comparing the address. if the shipping address in sales order matches the address in pricing rule then that pricing rule should work in that sales order.

Right now i’m getting an error that multiple pricing rule exist of same criteria, though the addresses are different(items are same in both of them).

Hi , did you achieved it?
I am implementing same thing can you help me on this?

Nope. I wrote the code by myself.