Are there any references on how to deploy Frappe on AWS ECS?

How to deploy frappe_docker on AWS ECS?

Hello @nandubatchu,
There are no official doc on using frappe_docker on AWS ECS. However if you have good grip on how docker works and how AWS ECS works, you will be able to use the information under production heading in official frappe_docker repo, to get tit done.

  • You may want to use RDS & ElasticCache for MariaDB and Redis. You will need to deviate from documentation there.

  • Docker volumes are used for storing persistent data lin our setup, with ECS you will need to make modification to use storage option, like EFS.

If you are not really well versed with ECS or docker, I would suggest you create 1 or 2 EC2 instances and setup a docker following the documentation. And the only change MariaDB and Redis config to use respective services from AWS.

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Thanks @esafwan !

Assuming I can horizontally scale backend/socket-io/frontend

You will need to implement Redis with cluster mode disabled. That way you will have one primary node automatically replicating to all replica nodes and with failover enabled, if primary fails another node will become primary. This should work with a minimal configuration when routing traffic to Redis. You will
probably need to find a way to route all writes to primary endpoint and load balance reads to write nodes.

Also have a look at this alternative approach, which is docker based but not necessarily what you are looking for. This is the documentation of Press one of the key pieces of Frappe Cloud implementation.

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