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I noticed that in V6 we can only assign a document to one user. Is this a bug or a change in functionality? It was actually quite helpful to be able to assign a doc to multiple users


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It’s been like this since V5 came out, unfortunately.

Really? We moved from V4 to V6 so I didn’t know about this till now

What’s the logic behind this please? I’m sure there must be some reason. Assigning to multiple users was very helpful especially when you have various team members having to work on different aspects of the same document. Every member of the team would have it in their To Do list and that helped to keep things organized

Any chance of bringing this feature back?


I’ve been looking at different software solutions for our organization for months, and ERPNext has gotten me pretty excited. Unfortunately this is a necessary “feature” for us, so I’d like to add to @wale’s comment.

In addition to this feature making a possible comeback, are there any workflow, technique, or coding workarounds that might act as a stop gap?

This is the first time I’ve posted in a forum, so if my approach has been incorrect, please let me know so I can be a better contributor to the project.


Hi Team,

Any feedback on this please?

Thanks plenty

@mpren welcome to the forum. Sorry missed replying this.

@wale, We have 700+ open issues on GitHub, so its a matter of priority. Multiple assignments lead to the “vounteer dilemma” everyone thinks the other person will do it.

@mpren ERPnext already has like 5000 features, so if this is the only missing feature, then you need to do cost-benfit and decide.

Hi Rushabh,

Trust you’re doing great. I just need to know if this is on your list; it doesn’t have to be done tomorrow

Multiple assignments only lead to volunteer dilemma if the assignees are expected to do the same thing. I think many of us who use this feature assign different responsibilities to the various assignees‎ - at least we do

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Thank you for the follow up.

To offer some back story; I manage the supply chain logistics and operations for a very large event. This involves resource (people) and equipment allocation. I need to have the ability to create a task one time and assign it to multiple people so their schedule reflects it during the execution phase of the event.

An example would be:
“Set Cones” @ 6am: Person 1, Person 2, Person 3
“Scaffolding” @ 6:30am: Person 1, and Person 2
“Fence” @ 6:30am: Person 3

The gant chart offered in ERPNext is what sets it apart from other platforms (cough cough Odoo), but without this functionality, project management for complicated projects becomes virtually useless. I know I can split up my platforms and use something like MS Project, but at that point I don’t have a fully functioning ERP, and the complexity that comes with ERPNext is a deal breaker.

I do appreciate the follow up, and I look forward to seeing if this gets worked out in the future. For now it looks like I will be working with a less complicated ERP and using MS Project to fill in the gaps. I’d be happy to go further into detail about this, if it would help with the development. Just let me know.

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@mpren the Manufacture module allow you manage operations under a project!

I believe that the Project feature will fit much more in your deals that the assign to feature.

The feature discussed here is only about the hability of define the responsability of a any document in the system for a user in the company.

The fact remains that assigning a document to multiple users is a very handy feature in ERPNext. There’s no reason why it should have been removed. The user should have been left with the choice to either assign to one person or assign to multiple resources. Some organizations (including mine) use this feature extensively and I don’t think it should have been removed without getting feedback from users


@wale you should have tested v5 a lot earlier!

Well, that’s very true… :frowning:

Please put this on your radar so that at least we can look forward to getting it back at some point in the future

Thanks a lot

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@max_morais_dmm thanks for the input. I completely agree that the project module is an appropriate place for the features I need. Specifically the tasks that are within a project are where I feel I should detail the work that my team needs to achieve. Though, the way I’m looking at this, it seems that a task is just another document, and the way to assign it is the same as with all other documents in ERPNext. For this reason, I’m not seeing how managing the operations under a project is any different and not applicable to this conversation.

I looked more into the manufacturing module, and it’s a similar problem with the same result. First, in order to use the manufacturing module, you have to define a product, in my case a theoretical product call ‘execution’, the BOM, with the operations, and a work station, again, theoretical. After creating a production order, ERPNext creates time logs for the detailed operations. But, when you go to the draft time logs to assign the work, you can only assign it to ONE employ.

So the way that I am understanding it is that Tasks are a document that can be assigned to only one person, and the manufacturing module enables you to assign operations (tasks) to employees, but on a one-to-one basis. Am I understanding that correctly?


I would like to +1 for this feature and I’ll give you an example where this is useful. In the Support Module we have the Issue doctype - typically in an organisation, issues are assigned to a team rather than a specific team member. This is done to avoid over reliance on a single person and therefore avoids any tasks to be overlooked in the event that the single team member is missing.

Is it possible to bring back the functionality from v4?

Here’s an additional idea, allow documents to be assigned to departments!

@wale @cpurbaugh @umair @mpren @bohlian

I would like to re-ignite the conversation of allowing multiple assignments. It seems many community members were fans of the feature before limiting to only one assignment.

While the project module could be considered a feasible replacement, I can think of instances where that avenue may create extra headache. Individual documents such as SO, PO, INV, etc. would not necessarily be considered projects in many cases, but may require the involvement of many individuals during processing. This is easily accomplished by the multiple assignment feature. There is obviously no adverse effects from having the ability to assign to multiple users, only benefits.

As I am aware, the ERPNext core team is inundated with an extremely high volume of feature requests (and are doing a fantastic job enhancing the product on a daily basis). That being said, perhaps @rmehta could provide some insight on what is required to bring the feature back? Then we could perhaps post on bounty source, or if not an extremely difficult task have someone from the community develop? If i had any inherent knowledge of coding I would assume the task myself, but when it comes to coding I am extremely naive.

Please let me know your thoughts.

@sellisjr I have actually requested for this feature to be brought back awhile ago. In many businesses / organisations, relying on one particular person for a task / document etc. is bad practice. From a management standpoint, there is no continuity when one person falls out, resulting in the task / document being ignored.

The core team doesn’t seem to be very fond of this idea though. Even scoping down to just allowing “Issues” to have multiple assignments didn’t really get much attention both from the Core Team as well as the community / forum members. Please see Assignment of Issues to Groups.

I hope we can get more support from the community on this, single assignments is really a bad design!!. Perhaps it would be more convincing if more people rallied for this. More support for this please!!

‎Hello all,

I am definitely in support of this feature coming back and actually was shocked that it even got removed in the first place! I didn’t really get to use v5 so we didn’t realize when this change was made

I do hope the decision to remove this feature is rescinded. BTW I also observed that it appears the core team isn’t too fond of this idea (and I wonder why?). Multiple Assignments is a really great and helpful feature and we used it extensively - Projects is surely not a suitable workaround for this - at all!

‎Kindly reconsider guys…

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While I support being able to assign to multiple people and/or Groups, there are a huge number of issues and requests that probably should take priority - especially fixing bugs.

The idea gets a +1 from me, but I imagine the core team is overwhelmed with other things to work on.

Well, the feature is still there, just the button disappears. It shouldn’t be anything major. I’ve assigned to multiple users manually using ToDos. . .all that needs done is to make the button not disappear.

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