Assigning Batch no to item & want a serial no for Multiple UOM

  1. Our Finished Product UOM is Rolls. Suppose we manufacture FG - 500 Rolls in a days. We want to give these 500 Rolls a batch no. Batch no shall be DD/MM/YY. to identify it as a particular day production.
  2. Then we package this 500 Rolls in different Bags /Cartoon. Each bag can have same quantity or variable quantity. Ex : 20 bags x 25 Rolls each. or 10 bags x 15 Rolls and 10 bags x 35 Rolls.
  3. We wish to give each Bag / Cartoon a serial no.
    Kindly let know the solution

We have a similar issue, where our packaging content can vary. We haven’t found a solution as yet. One way is to pack the goods using the “manufacturing” process, but this becomes tedious for the operators. We are looking for advice from this forum.