Auto Email Report: Why there is a limit of 3 user field?


Just started using the auto email report functionality of Frappe, but as soon as I started liking it I have hit a roadblock due to a validation mentioned in:

Now I fail to understand the logic behind this, (maybe due to server load) but I guess there is a use case for increasing this limit.

I have a script report with many filters so we are sending the email multiple times for stock status with different values of the filters and limit of 3 is easily very low.

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I think this limit is because of memory space requirements on ERPNext cloud, however if you are running a self hosted instance, this could be changed. Maybe someone from core frappe team can confirm this.

I was thinking the same for a very long time that the frappe cloud servers might be mighty bogged down since there is no way to define the time of email alert sending so effectively everything works on the day change and assuming they have all accounts from one time zone then the server would become mighty laggy.

I would need to know for sure from the team if this is the major reason for this validation or something else

Yeah - this should ideally be set in site_config

Any news as to how I can remove this limit of 3 from my account on self-hosted instance?

I am still unable to find a way to increase this auto-email report limit.

If you look at apps/frappe/frappe/email/doctype/auto_email_report/ you can see on line 15 that the max number if reports is hard-coded to 3. You can just change this number in your local install to whatever you want.

EDIT: Alternatively, if you want to remove the check altogether, delete/comment out line 22.

Thanks @DBoobis for this I have now sent a PR Auto Email report limit can be set in site_config by adityaduggal · Pull Request #4935 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

I do not find this in site_config file.

Also Line 18 in file apps/frappe/frappe/email/doctype/auto_email_report/ says max_reports_per_user = frappe.local.conf.max_reports_per_user or 3
If I comment the line 18 do I have run another command like bench build, update restart etc.

bench version

erpnext 12.10.1
frappe 12.8.4


I just ran in the same issue. Could we maybe add this to a settings page some where?

Thank you.