Auto-Fetch items in list

We’ve created a special “Serial No” Custom Field in our Delivery Note Item Doctype due to the way our business is managed and can’t efficiently use the default Serial No in ERPNext. This is not an issue. So the custom field is:

It is working fine however when we try and reference this in the Packing Slip, it doesn’t auto populate. In order to fill the details of the Serial Number, you have to select the drop down arrow and then it will fetch.

Is there a way it can be fetched without having to manually click all the “down arrow” buttons? That would save an enormous amount of time.

Thank you.


Could you use Child Table events to trigger a fetch and then set it in the child document?

Dear tejpochiraju,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will send this off to my team to see if this can be used. They were able to figure it out for the delivery note, but not the sales invoice so this might be helpful.