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Hi, I have a development team that helps with ERPNext, but they are not experts on the system as they do a lot of other development work for me. I have one task that they are unable to accomplish and requires assistance from an ERPNext developer.

I posted the forum post of the issue here: Auto-Fetch items in list

Does anyone know of a developer I can hire to complete this task?

Thank you.



FWIW, I use Upwork. Many developers there claim to be experts at frappe/erpnext, though I think many are front-end configuration/implementation experts rather than back end developers working with python. YMMV. I’d recommend starting with small fixed-price tasks (rather than hourly) so you get a feel for how well any specific developer can accomplish what you need and limit your risk of loss if they don’t. Good luck.

If you get a recommendation or offer from someone here that contributes to frappe/erpnext code base and is reasonably priced, I’d probably try to use them over anyone from Upwork who isn’t a code contributor. Keep your platform developers happy :slight_smile:

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Which version are you using? The problem you submitted should not be difficult to handle. I am sure this is a normal scenario.

This is the information on my server, 9.x.x… so its a bit older version. Do you think this should be still possible? I think so, but my developers can’t figure it out.

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v9.x.x-develop (6c3289d) (develop)

Frappe Framework: v9.x.x-develop (9ee8678) (develop)