Auto Reorder Level issues

Hello Dears

I`v started use auto reorder level for items that i need to make safe stock for them

and we have two options Purchase ad Manufacture items

and now system has generated material request with manufacture type and we have created a production order for that

so why it repeats th same QTY daily while we have already make a production order in first time

this is a big issue that can make this feature useless in every time except 1st time

another issue is some items i make reorder level eg. 100 qty and its actual qty 968 why it includes in auto material reqest while its already above the reorder level ??

Please help !

Any idea about that ??

still have the same issue here !!!

Please help

Hi @Mahmoud_Ghoneem were you able to have this issues fixed. Seem this is not an issue in V12. Can confirm as in V11 the Materiel Request is being made daily for the same item as mentioned by you.