Backdated Stock Entry Issue

since V13 we are facing an issue with stock entry. we are moving from SAGE to ERPnext.
all our entries are backdated. what is the point that the system does not allow?
it was allowed in V12.

i even canceled all PI and still have the same issue.

it seems we truly made a wrong decision when we moved to ERPNEXT.

in fact, it is up to us to make the backdated entries. mistakes can take place it is not the end of the world.

how can we disable this feature?

Hello @Tawfiq_Murtaja,
I have faced the same and had to downgrade the system, it too two weeks.

I have talked and got reply from them. They are working on it to make immutable ledger optional.

[Breaking Change v13] Introducing Immutable Ledgers in ERPNext - #95 by nabinhait