Bad field type French translation for Date “romantic rendezvous”?

Hello ERPNext Team,

The Date type has been translated into French by “Rendez-vous amoureux”. Which means “tryst” or “romantic rendezvous”. It’s a problem!
How is it possible to fix it?

Thanks by advance

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Good catch - maybe a Google auto translation :slight_smile:

Please post a screen shot to pinpoint the context!

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But none for this

No sign in Canada either

You make an impression of the purchase invoice list and purchase invoice form customization, but the problem is global to the date fields. Date should be translated by date in French. Same word other context !
In first picture see the column name.

Thank you for responding quickly

Are you self hosted and/or with customizations, hence this is just on your instance?

Ideally another French user can check their instance and respond, to corroborate whether this problem is found in the general case?

I am self hosted but I have 4 instances (production and test instance for two companies) and the same problem on all instance.
I have just made sure if the problem is local to the purchase invoice but I have the same result for project, task, order … for all instances.

Also check on some testing environments, French translation is wrong with the last localisation files.
In frappe fr translation file the wrong translation is from : “DocType: Activity Log”.
It seems than the last translation is properly translated :

Having the same issue in a self hosted instance. worst translation bug haha almost lost a client.

This technical discussion of the topic offers some insight Translation with context · Issue #6989 · frappe/frappe · GitHub