Bangalore Chapter

Hi all,

The Space for the ERPNext Bengaluru Chapter is this:

Please consider joining the group.




Can one member join multiple chapter?

Also, Can you create Chapter for Pune Community?

Oh sure. You can join as many chapters as you wish. But the idea should be that you should get involved and participate in the Chapters.

I think it would be best if people joined the Chapter where they are located and the chapters that they travel frequently to.

Yep. Pune Chapter coming up.



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Is there any chance for creating Chennai Chapter…

Do I sense a volunteer?

I too interested to volunteer

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May be we can set some threshold, like minimum 3-4 members to publish a Chapter.

Great! Like Umair said can you gang up a few other people?

Will try and reply here back anyway thanks for considering @JayRam @umair

When you are ready, please send us a proposal.

Here’s the official document. But don’t let that scare you. Come back and promise to do three events (code sprints, developer workshops, user meet) in the 365 days after your appointment and you will welcomed as the official Chapter Head of Chennai.

Unless we receive a better proposal in the interim. :slight_smile:



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Here’s the link: Become a ERPNext Local Chapter Head

sure ji