Bank Import, payment synchronisation


is there bank Import by now ?

I cannot believe that this as a feature needed by almost everybody is going on to be missed….

regards Otmar

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Welcome Otmar!

Your belief in ERPNext is surely justified.

Challenge accepted - please join our community and contribute what you can.

What did you learn and which bank were you hoping for?

Looking for this?

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thank you kenneth and clarkej so far.

I am not sure, what I was Looking for was an comfortable way to synchronize Incoming bank payments with issued invoices and received invoices with outgone payments. Ideally by indirectly dialing into the bank Website ( as in exact-online) , or if that is not possible, at least in a Bank csv download / ERPNEXT csv upload followed by matching proposals.

In EU there is a bank .csv Format called MT940 which can be used. Is such features available ?

best regards

Otmar Ripp, charterware UG Germany

You can get unreconciled transactions and upload them by updating the clearance date. This is available in master branch and documentation link is here.

MT940 format is not currently available, however there is a new bank reconciliation feature upcoming in develop branch and is under testing. You can help with testing this new feature and see if it meets your needs.

Hi @charterware,

there is a .csv import implemented here:

It takes the csv and creates from all incoming transaction payment entries that can then be matched with open sales invoices.

MT940 is a different standard, another one is CAMT.053. We are waiting for clarification from ISO 20022 to move forward on these standards (luckily for the payment is is relatively clear with the pain.001/pain.002/pain.008).

However, please note that the csv-formats diverege largely from bank to bank. Contribution here is welcome (new bank formats, …).

Hope this helps.

@lasalesi, could you point me to the code related to .csv import in the repo you have mentioned?

Hi @Pawan,

sure: erpnextswiss/erpnextswiss/erpnextswiss/page/bankimport at master · libracore/erpnextswiss · GitHub

Reading the csv here is the rather boring part :wink: The main challenge is keeping up with the different formats and conditions… I think for now the csv is more of an intermediate solution, I hope that a standard like CAMT.053 will be established and simplify this.

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thank you,

I think besides accounting which I heard is very mature in you project, bank reconcilation would be our major interest, as we are buiding on a monthly recurring fixed payent charge model in our provider business with hopefully many customes in the future. So automatization of Billing/Accounting/payment is essential to us.
I need to be honest, I have not looked yet into an ErpNext software installation so far, I was more investigating in the foreground wether it is worth looking deeper.

If we switch from our current system, we might contribute a bit as german technical writer in that field of Billing/Accounting/payment.

regards Otmar

Hi @charterware,

good to hear and we are happy to welcome you to the ERPNext community! Maybe also check the pain.008 definition (LSV), which might be especially helpful for recuring invoices.

You can always also PM me if you want to discuss any specifics…

thank you, lasalesi,
there is one key question, I also have in the foreground: It is about our proprietary project / GPL ErpNext. Is it possible to run an unchanged or modified ERPNext installation under GPL as a service provider whereas at the same time we run an own proprietary fleet management solution which generates data that go into ERP Next. The coupling can be very loose eventually via file mailing or http connection. We do not intend to merge / link or call code between both systems at all. If necessary they can run on different CPUs, VMs or even bare metal servers. We can also provide ERPNext for free if that helps and charge just for our proprietary SaaS part.
Is that legally possible without becoming open source with all we do ?

regards Otmar

Hi @charterware,

if you refere e.g. to GNU General Public License - Wikipedia you will find that GPL is a copyleft model, which explicitly mentions that if you take a GPL source and modify it, it has to be licensed again under GPL. If you provide this as a SaaS to your customers, you can certainly price this service. If you add new modules, you can choose your license model for those, but in my experience, these are normally also (A)GPL and open source.

Speaking for the community, I would highly appreciate and recommend that you share your changes and your codes. This is how open source works. You can profit from it; if you have great new additions, why not share this – sharing is caring :wink:

So in the spirit of a true open source community, I am sure you will find a good way.


thank you,
meanwhile we have investigated the copyleft situation and we won’t have a problem.
Of couse if we would change ERPNext Code that would be done according to the rules and free and public. No question at all. I can think of that in the area of bank concillation if not available bey then the way we need it.

However what we also intend to do is connecting remote embedded fleet management computers to ERP Next via http:// pretty much the same way as the Microsoft Explorer can be used to connect to ERPNext. We found out, this is possible without turning the Microsoft Explorer or even Windows into Open Source under GPL. So this is also possible for us. We won’t have a problem.

Everything we develop or change and which is linked at compile time or run time or which only calls ERPNext functions will be publically availabe of course under GPL.

Best regards Otmar Ripp

Hi All,
ive fairly gone through this discussions and posts about the bank import and synchronisation. hopefully the solution was already found and someone will point that.

This is my case:

  1. i imported bank statement, it went successfull.
  2. i go to the bank transaction list, click one of the transaction
    then do this :

    in the payment entry table, i selected “payment document” as sales invoice and in the ‘payment entry’ column correctly picked the specific sales invoice.
    its all fine till here,
  3. what is that “allocated and unallocated Amount” in this page
  4. i tested putting full value of the bank received amount and clicked on or it finished with updating the transaction as “Reconciled”
  5. but i expected this amount is received/updated/ synchronized or rightly settled against this chosen sales invoice. but that did not happen. why ??


Please use the bank reconciliation tool to match the bank transaction with the invoices

My problem for me is the actual import of the transactions in version 13. When I try to import through the bank Import Tool it brings a problem of JSON error as per the attached. This is after mapping the columns correctly and when I click Submit it does save without any issues. The problem only shows when I start importing as per the attached. Please help.

Save your file as CSV, not XLSX. That way the your date will interpreted as plain text