Bank Integrations for India


Can you please reply and list the Bank you have integrated ERPNext with. Please also let us know if your app is available as a public repository on GitHub or equivalent.

I was going to ask this question specific to Axis Bank but maybe a more open ended question may serve the Indian user community better.



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Hello Jay,

Here is our app for ICICI Bank Integration. We also made a python library to ease other integrations. You can check that too.

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Hi @vigneshsekar ,
Is aerele/bank_connector_erpnext ( updated for ERPNext v15 and does it have Axis Bank integration?
Also can you share the installation instructions?

Hi @vigneshsekar,
Any update on this?

Hello @radinik ,

The mentioned repository doesn’t have AXIS Bank Integration yet. With AXIS bank, only a few sites have gone live and so we will be adding it to the repo before May/June 24.

Hi @vigneshsekar ,
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the update since we are planning to go with Axis Bank.

Also, can you share the list of banks currently supported?

can i get to know information about api key and private key for icici developer in local for testing.

Hi . Is there any api available for Canara bank
Thanks and regards

Hi, Any support available for the above

Hi @vigneshsekar, any info on how to use this with ICIC would be great, thank you