Barcode in purchase

Is it possible to entry purchase via item bar code ?

You can, in Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice.

I have already tried it. but it is not working in purchase invoice or entry. it is working in pos or sale invoice.

Create a Github Issue for the same.

you mean create PO and PI items via scan barcode?
refer to this

the most updated code is here

Has anyone figured out how to enable the Barcode field in items list to query items in Sales or Purchase Invoice Doctypes? I have gone through series of posts on this issue and while i’m able to add Barcode to items when creating them, i can’t query them in any Sales or Purchase Doctypes. I would appreciate any feedback on this.

Right after posting this i found the answer here:

Although the solution only resolves sales invoice while barcode is still missing in purchase invoice.

So i guess i should withdraw my post. :smiley: