Basic System requirements guidance on self hosted setup

I wanted to setup erpnext on ubuntu,kindly guide me the system requirements to meet like RAM etc that will be best suited for the setup on cloud

Minimum 1 Gb Ram. but you can swap space in Ubuntu. Digitizor: Your Guide to Everything Technology

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I have some notes during install in the admin guide


I am facing issues on a 1Gb +4Gb swap vps setup.
I am not able to generate ageing reports despite system utilisation of only 20-30% on average.
Further the system has gone unbearably slow since 3 days now without any update/change etc.
Any idea how to manage this?

Min 2 GB RAM is needed for ERPNext proper functioning. Swap can be any size.

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1gb of swap space is enough to run a fairly large installation.
4gb of memory does well for up to about a dozen users that actually use the system all day.

For best results look for VPS services that are in close proximity to your location, This reduces the ping time and since erpnext uses a ton of back and forth messages for even a single transaction, the faster your VPS can respond, the better your system will run.

Be aware that there are many reports that get compiled the moment you run them. Some of these reports can require an unbelievable amount of traffic between your browser and the VPS server in order to complete. Every tiny delay in that traffic can cause the report to time out before it completes. So even if you have what seems to be a reasonable ping time to your server, it is possible that some reports will still have difficulty in completing.

Many folks only pay attention to the financial cost of their VPS service to run ERPNext. It is also important to pay attention to the transaction speed as well. So, if you live in Norway and buy your VPS service located in Egypt then you might have a difficult time with how fast transactions complete. Likewise if you find VPS services within 200 kilometers of your installation, then the same hardware specs that you had in Egypt will likely seem to perform 10 times better just because the ping time is so much faster due to the closer proximity of the service.

Just know that there is more to calibrating your ERPNext system than just the hardware specs.

Hope this helps