Batch number throwing error

I am unable to link a batch number to my item.
Steps that i follow
1)Created an item .In it the option “has batch number” is checked, "automatically create batch number " is checked .
2) Batch number series is as BATC.00001
3) Then after entering rest of information about item I save it .
4)Then I go to batch doc type .There I fill two options Batch ID and expiry date .I keep Batch ID =B1
5) Then I go to stock entry and enter details about my item …now i get bit confused …as in now when i add item to stock entry it asks me to create new batch …which i do create as Batch ID = B2 but then there is no quantity of item associated with it …hence the error i.e.“the batch B2 has only 0 qty . Please select another batch which has 1000qty available or split the row into multiple row to deliver from multiple batches”
How do I resolve this …can Any one provide a little help on this

I have followed the steps you have mentioned but not able to replicate the scenario which version you are using?

Hi …thanks for the reply
I am using version 12

Shall i write in an elaborate manner

Actually i cant get batch number on my item when i make stock entry thats the gist

I have done i am able to see the batch please check expiry dates on Batch and other attributes on item like maintained stock is on or not. because i have checked its working fine.

Will do again …
Thanks for the reply

I get no value in this drop down which you have shown in the screenshot

And why does it show source warehouse quantity as zero ?

I am still getting the same error .Please can you help me with removing my error .I don’t want you to run the entire transaction end to end , i would request you to only confirm me the path which i am following

And is that batch number in stock entry (the one in your screen shot)…that i am able to achieve …i was talking about sales invoice

But you have mentioned Stock Entry in your post please give detail steps

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Thanks for the reply
Firstly i will write my understanding about batch number
Let’s say i create a company ‘COMP1’ .
After creating the company i link it with the warehouse ,say warehouse ‘WH1’
Then create the item say ‘Item1’ having quantity as 100000
Now (here the confusion starts,please correct me if I am wrong) I add this to stock entry having a batch id as bat-item-001

Now I create customer a
‘Cust1’ and now if the customer orders say 5000 items a sales invoice would be generated on his name
So i create sales invoice for 5000 items
Now this invoice will also have a batch number …so my question is will this batch number of sales invoice be diffrent from the one i created in stock entry and if so i create new batch number and when i create new batch number i cant link 5000 items to it

Batch number will be from your stock. No new batch would be created at Sales Invoice. When making invoice choose the batch from which you are selling.

Batch is created when making Purchase Invoice or Stock Entry only.

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Yes i did stock entry transaction and batch number also got created .Now let’s say Abc.1234 was the batch number

Shouldnt this batch number be there in the as a drop down option in sales invoice

Will close that another question

It worked
Thanks a ton to you all :innocent::ok_hand:

Hi I also came across issue in sales return also new batch is not allowed. Actually i started using ERP next from current year so this return was from last year but still it did not show new batch created from sales invoice how to resolve the said point.

ok you see follow this cycle ( do it step by step you will get it )
1)Create a company
2)link it to a warehouse
3)create an item (check the box “has batch number”)
4)then make stock entry (do material receipt,) then make sales order or you can directly go for sales invoice…
The sales invoice will pick the batch number automatically

Let me know if you cant go ahead

Hi we did follow same pattern, we do not make material receipt we directly update stock in sales invoices or sales return. But my issue is when i have sales return from earlier periods sales and batch no. was not created so i tried to create new batch from sales module by ticking sales return and passing credit note at that moment not able to get batch no. which are new.

So whenever I tried it directly I did face batch number issue .
I think major issue is that you may b missing some step.Also there is no harm in trying out the end to end transaction.Though I did not need material receipt but I still did it in order to not to miss any step.
From my little experience on ERP thats what I can say .Please do look for other answers as well.

Thanks for your reply.