Become a Reseller of Cloud!


You can now become a reseller of the cloud and earn 30% on conversion and 20% on renewal.

How to Become a Reseller

To become a reseller, go to and signup for reseller plan.

Benefits of Becoming a Reseller

  • When a customer sign up with your reference and pays for the subscription, you will receive a share of 30% of that subscription plan’s amount. The payout for commission amount will take place once there are three signups against your reference.

  • If you, the reseller, renews a subscription for customers then you will get 20% discount on subscription plan’s amount.

Your Job as a Reseller

Once the user is signed up to the cloud, help them in onboarding process and manage their subscriptions. Benefits of being a reseller are directly proportional to the services and relationship you maintain with your referrals.

You are free to charge additional charge for your services like Training / implementation etc and also pass on some of the benefits to your customers!

Why Use Cloud?

You have many choices to host your customers like DigitalOcean, Amazon, Google Cloud etc, but by choosing you get the following benefits

  1. Priority support
  2. Managed upgrades
  3. Transaction Email
  4. Support ERPNext!

For more help, Reseller Help

Please post your queries here, we would be happy to answer.


Congratulations to you @saurabh6790, @rushabh_mehta and entire ERPNext team.

This was highly required and I am happy to see some efforts started towards marketing and increasing revenue generation.

Although, I might not be the Reseller, Being a well-wisher (and user) of ERPNext, I was always concerned that ERPNext is not growing at the pace of it’s potential. One of the obvious reason was less deployment of developers (possibly due to less revenue generation).

This step will certainly help in growing ERPNext faster.

I also have few suggestions.

  • Resellers can be targeting companies who might not be techno-savvy. Of-course re-sellers can help them in implementation. But, Such companies may face some of the basic issues (related to non-availability of some basic features) while deployment. A focused effort should be initiated to resolve such issues on priority.

  • Migration from tally can be a huge chunk of segment which is waiting in India (they are stuck with tally as there is nothing better available in market) to get converted. A focused effort should be made to develop some of the generic features of tally which are missing in ERPNext. (This will help resellers and in-turn ERPNext to generate more business faster).

I wish “All the Best” to ERPNext team in New Year and would love to see more such marketing related steps, so that the world can know that - A much better product is available in market.


Fully support the wise word of @Deven_Shah …I promote Erpnext if I can…dont need the fee :slight_smile: One marketings issue that i observe both in the Netherlands as in Kenya …You choose you accounting software and with that your accountant…Your select an accountant and with that the accounting software…
My NL accountant hates clients that does not use the package he is fameliar with (AccountView…very popular in NL)…So may be marketeers should also address accountants,as they often (usually) advice their clients wich software to use…

Full marks for suggestions @Deven_Shah

Wish you guys best of luck @saurabh6790 and @rushabh_mehta

This is awesome :slight_smile: thanks guys. I have recommended your software a lot and was starting to think maybe I should find a way to resell it

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@saurabh6790 @rushabh_mehta
I have a small query regarding the Re-Seller.
Does, it require to have a company to become a re-seller?
Can’t an individual be a re-seller?

Ruchin Sharma

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@ruchin78 you are welcome to sell as an individual!


That’s great, thanks.

Ruchin Sharma

This is a welcome development.But the issue of support has not been given a critical review to enable non IT members of the community to take the reseller-ship serious.I know the community support but sincerely a client cannot be persuaded with such support.i will want to candidly advice the foundation to consider phone and Skype support but will be paid for by who ever need it.Any reseller or subscriber who want such service buy a ticket at token and then his issue can be attended to


Where can I find promotional items such as booklets and promotional leaflets?

Hello @saurabh6790 @rmehta ,

Good to know that now Frappe team considered to pay 20% for every renewals/year to resellers.
However, still I have few clarifications:

  1. How about billing for renewals? Will Frappe team bill/send billing mails directly to client for renewals or reseller? As per standard norms in industry, reseller should be billed and communicated for billing on behalf of their customer.

  2. How about claiming customers account ownership? As per my view - When a reseller onboard a customer to frappe cloud, it’s reseller’s as well as frappe-cloud’s customer both. But a fine line should be maintained so that relationship between reseller and their customer shouldn’t be impacted. After all, reseller is the ultimate looser if Frappe team translate it differently.

  3. Considering reseller “just as a medium” to get more paid customer for frappe cloud? I think such interpretation, would probably damage the whole ERPNext ecosystem and open source ethos. People who participate in community to answer a question or company/individual who reseller frappe cloud subscription deserves better synonyms.

Apologise, If I put it across in inappropriate way. Being a member of ERPNext community since early days, my intention is to shape-up better future of ERPNext instead of keeping issue unaddressed.

Looking forward to response.


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Good point. I guess there should be tiered reminders. Maybe a 60 day reminder for resellers and a 30 day reminder to the end customer.

I am not sure a I understand your query. If the account is created from a referral link you provide, it will be your customer.

Again I don’t understand this! What do you mean by “synonym” ? You are free to call yourself whatever you want. Official relationships (like partnerships) will be done via the foundation and is separate (whether you are a reseller or not)

Hello @rmehta ,

I don’t think I got a clear answer of any points. Ok, let me rephrase it so that myself and maybe community members can understood it.

Point 1: ERPNext foundation will bill to reseller or client for first year and subsequent renewals?

Point 2: You mentioned about referrals link(I think recently introduced). Please correct me If I’m wrong - when we will send referral link to client, they will be making an account and payment too. How the referrals comes under reseller model? Now this is bit more confusing.

(Proposed model: Reseller should be able to create an account for end-customer and reseller should be charged for new subscriptions and renewals. Reseller and end-customer should agree to ERPNext foundation agreement for product/services. Based on new subscriptions and renewals, reseller should get commission. I believe most of the reseller model works in same way.)

Point 3: During my conversation with Umair(more than a year back i believe), he said partners are just a medium. And all customers onboarded by partners are Frappe customer. I’m just writing as it is. However, same I had communicated with you over an email but unfortunately you ignored it.
I do agree with you that we are free to call ourselves whatever we want. But certainly, being a community member I should be worried if Frappe team identify community member/reseller as just a medium.

Anyway @rmehta , it depends on people who want to be a community member or remain a member or be an active member. But my point is- how core team think/function to retain the value of community and address the difference in opinion/interpretation. At the end of the day, it’s your call whether you want to run this show as another proprietary shop or real open source project.

Hope I’m clear now and you would consider this as a feedback.


ERPNext Foundation is no way involved in this! Frappe (the company) runs the cloud

The conversion commission is paid directly, so there is no question of billing. The renewal, like I said, is based on who pays first.

Referral link is exactly how companies like DigitalOcean give credits for reselling

Well they are Frappe customers as they are supported on the Frappe cloud, resellers are enablers rather than just medium

I think you are confusing issues here, (cloud service) is an independent service run by Frappe. This is no way linked to the way the open source project is governed.

You are free to setup your own cloud service if you like and ignore the reseller model if you want to have a 100% relationship with the customer.

I think what you expect is a whitelabelled service, which this is not. This is just a way for service providers to outsource their cloud hosting to Frappe and focus on implementation, training and customization services. You have to be transparent with the customer that you are just helping them sign up on and getting a fee for that help.

In addition, you may pass on some discount to your customer too if you please (and are compensated in some other fashion by the customer)


It sounds like this is more about commonly understood semantics. This is an affiliate program rather than a reseller program.

@rmehta, hi.
Let me share a conversation I had recently with @umair :

(Me:) The thing is, I’m working as an implementer, selling ERPNext… shouldn’t be there the possibility to access as Administrators for all who are participating as implementers, selling our services and ERPNext (cloud)?

(Umair:) I am sorry as we cannot allow to access their client’s ERPNext account as admin. Since we have multiple sites hosted on a single server, we cannot share admin credentials even with the client. Secondly, Admin account helps us in upgrading customer’s site from the backend.

As implementer anyone could require for some extra control over ERPNext, that’s why some host on a service outside Frappe ( What if ERPNext or Frappe would give a wider access and better control as some sort of Administrator to all who participate as implementer, maybe with the possibility to setup an extra user account for that purpose only?

The thing is not only to become a reseller, but to convince and retain implementers to stay at Frappe cloud… Am I right?

And so is the possibility to create own apps…


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@Francisco_Buendia as of now, we do not provide Administrator access to cloud apps. If you are doing that, then you should self host!


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Hi again.

Ok, maybe apps could be the only factor to self host (by now). But if there could be the chance to have a special usser account as implementer at Frappe cloud, an account plus the system users accounts for the client, I think it would be a reason to prefer Frappe cloud… Just a thought! :wink:

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from the reseller’s help

you need to convert 3 paying accounts to receive your commission. Till then your commission will be credited to you.

I think it wouldn’t be bad to change this to a minimum amount instead of minimum of accounts, so everybody who might only be a one time referrer can get paid (even if only after a while). So for example you only get hte commission for a 5 user account after one year on renewal time (if the minimum amount was USD 600.-)

That would make referrers happy and at the same time reduce payment activities on Frappe’s end