Bench Manager access via browser


How to access Bench Manager on Browser?
It installed successfully.

Thank You,
Vimal Tank

Kindly check below link

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I did refer to the link you suggested when I had installed bench_manager, I couldnt find a way to access it.

I read some documentation on how to access a a newly created site as I understand bench_manager is created like a new site - Multitenant Setup · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub

I am in production environment, I gave it a port number, However I cant access the ip:port or domain:port with no success.

any other recommendation?

It should work.
As it’s not working check your port accessibility.
Is there any error in the web.error.log file under frappe-bench/logs folder?

If he’s in Multi-tenant, perhaps he has to use a subdomain instead?

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