Bench update to specific release (2022)

Current client version is:
ERPNext: v13.14.1 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.14.1 (version-13)

Client is requesting to upgrade to:
ERPNext: v13.34.2 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.35.0 (version-13)

I plan on using the following commands:
bench switch-to-branch v13.34.2 erpnext --upgrade
bench switch-to-branch v13.35.0 frappe --upgrade

Is this the correct way to do this? I cannot test it beforehand and can only do it once as per client request

Hi @amf,

First, take a backup, and after apply it.
Update the version.

bench update
bench migrate
// or bench --site migrate
bench clear-cache

if an error show in bench update time then apply it.

bench update --reset

that means It simply resets the head of the git to the latest commit in the remote upstream repositories.

Comes in handy if there were any uncommitted/unknown changes.

Thank You!

I should do this after running the switch-to-branch commands is that correct?
bench switch-to-branch v13.34.2 erpnext --upgrade
bench switch-to-branch v13.35.0 frappe --upgrade


It uses only when you switch from version 12 to version 13.

v13 upgrade for only use
bench update

Need to update ERPnext version to v13.34.2 only not latest, how do I upgrade to v13.34.2 only?

My last response.

first, check the bench version.

bench version

if your version is not the latest then apply it.

bench update

I don’t think to update a specific version to upgrade version.
when the update command run then it fetches the latest version.
Latest Version:
Frappe: v13.35.0
ERPNext: v13.35.1

Thank You!

To clarify, it is NOT possible to update to specific version?

I don’t know and if it’s possible then it is hard to upgrade a specific version.

I see, thank you.

have you found any solution?
I also want to update to a specific release

I have the same case

Hi @Ubaid_Khanzada and @msiam,

Setting or updating a specific version can be challenging. If you just need to update a file or two, you can do it the hard way. Check the GitHub Versions, find the code you want to update your file with, then restart the bench or migrate the site and check if it worked. This process is possible when you have your own hosting and easy access to the code repository.

Thank You!

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