Best Cloud Hosting for ERPNext

Hi Experts,
I want to know that which is best and cheap cloud hosting provider for ERPNext?

[Edited May 2020]

ERPNext works on any cloud provider (VPS) with docker or bench easy install (GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps). Make sure you have 1 GB RAM with swap enabled, or 2GB.

There are a couple of hosting services built by Frappe, the team that builds ERPNext. So if you use any of these services, you would be supporting development of the product too!

  1. For managed ERPNext hosting:
  2. For hosting + support:

There are lots of vanilla clouds like amazon, DigitalOcean etc where you can host. If you want the best experience at a reasonable price you should try

Benefits are:

  1. Priority support
  2. Bug fix guarantee
  3. Backup and redundancy
  4. Transactional E-mail
  5. Automatic managed upgrades and security patches

If you host on your own you have to pay a web host anything from $500-$800 per year for a decent server (twice as much if you a slave / redundancy), add redundancy and backups ($100), e-mails ($100). Hire someone to manage upgrades, support, push important security patches, and see how it all adds up!

And most importantly, by subscribing on, you invest helping to make a better product for everyone!

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You can come down to https;// or for amazing vps or dedicated servers. We are using ERPnext on their environment since 1 year. They are even assisting us on setting up the ERPNext for Free.

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I would like to suggest you Scopehosts - according to me it is the Best ERPNext Hosting service Powered by KVM platform. Try out there service at just € 8.99/mo.


Go directly on or Amazon AWS.
Personally I run a couple of instances (30 users each) on AWS and runs smoothly

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what are your guys opinion about google?
do we have like a comprehensive reviews for each hosting sites? This would really benefit those that are starting out

My advice go with with cloud host if you are not much experience in this field of IT… you will understand the importance of this when you get a bug in your system if you dont have much experience in it…


Yes since you are investing your time and effort, it makes good sense to support the ERPNext Founders, the Frappe team

As post #3 notes


I agree.

The only reason I didn’t do that for our own instance was (in my eyes) too high costs for restoring a (comparatively tiny) database to a new instance which I had not investigated about before. I admit this is not so much a common scenario, so it may not be the focus of the frappe team working on that part. What I’m trying to say is to think about such as an upfront investment in a timely manner instead of being taken by surprise when you actually want to migrate as I did (which I only blame myself for).

Ohh, btw … was by far less pricey then other hosting providers who had quoted my 8-16 hrs of engineer time @$100/hour (where actually at that point in time my db restored in about 15 minutes [which they didn’t know of course] but to some extent I lost a bit of trust in that particular provider upon that estimate) for db restoration on a cloud hosting.

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what are the specification means what type of instance you have on AWS EC2 ?? or light sail ?? how much ram and cpu you have ??

Thank you for this info.

I am in a situation where I want an ERPNext instance for 1 user and stock items of about 500 items.
And then a few production BOMs. has a minimum user number which excludes me then.

So I have to look at installing it myself. I dont know why they have minimum users of 5 ??


Check out Frappe Cloud Pricing if you are looking for a more cost effective solution, although Frappe Cloud does not come with any Support, it is only for Hosting the Application, it includes upgrades and updates though.
ERPNext Cloud includes 5 hours onboarding, year around Functional and Technical Support and that is why there is a min. 5 user policy, so that it makes economical sense to the Service provider (Frappe).
In short, if you are looking for a self serve and self supported ERPNext instance, go for Frappe Cloud.


Checkout Web Hosting in India for highly managed hosting services. We are using ERPnext on their environment since 1 year. They are even assisting us on setting up the ERPNext for Free.

Hola lo he instalado en google cloud pero no se como actualizar a la version 13
Hello I have installed it in google cloud but I do not know how to update to version 13 can you help me, thanks