= develop branch?

Continuing the discussion from ERPNext healthcare merged to develop:

just wondering whether it would make sense to have the instance on the current develop branch by default (and accessible for anyone to play with the develop branch)?

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Sounds like a good idea. Maybe with several branches and so demos ? (I guess .org may be more logic, as it is not a commercial demonstration).

It seems that ERPNext development is so quick that development branch has just a few days in advance from master branch, am I wrong ?

yes, that’s wrong. A new version (aka master branch) is released only once in a while after a profound beta testing phase (Not 100% sure whether that process is completely standardized and acted upon always though)

Using an domain would locate this on the foundations side. Maybe that’s not a bad idea.

Yes, you’re right, at least a few weeks I guess, according to new branching release policy.

@nabinhait what stands in the way to update the instance from the default branch regularly? If someone explained it to me I could take on that task.