ERPNext healthcare merged to develop

Hello community,

We are excited to announce that folks at Frappe has just merged our pull request for the healthcare domain. Congratulations all, it’s great to see EPNext spread its wings across domains!

A quick list of features -

  • Clinic / Practice Management
    • Patient
    • Physician, Physician scheduling
    • Appointment
    • Vital Signs
    • Consultation
    • Medical Code Standards
    • Patient Medical Record
  • Laboratory
    • Sample Collection
    • Lab Test
  • Patient Portal

Looking forward to hear from the community.


Congrats!.. @akurungadam @Ranjith @jamsheer


Great Work. <3

that’s good to hear. Can you kindly add a few word on how this can be tried out?

your commit (f056974bc588dea4c1dc4f0f885fa77e44f4d7b2) hasn’t reached yet (which is 13 commits behind the Healthcare commit).

Does your own demo instance ( represent to latest current state?

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I created new company as healthcare domain but it does not apear any icon on dashboard.
how to setup it ?

whether it is showing in Explore??

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Just want to say that this healthcare module is a great piece of work. Congrats to all involved.
Just as in the education sector, Primary healthcare can really benefit from the day to day operating efficiencies that this module and ERPNext provides.
Thanks again.


Healthcare module is merged only in develop branch. To test it, you need to create a local environment with develop branch. Then select Healthcare domain while setting up your account and assign related roles to Users.


we are currently maintaining smarteCare as a separate app. our current plan is to move other features to ERPNext healthcare.


Hi All ,

can i know why all these health, school modules are merging into main erp next product why not make these as app whosoever wants can have it by getting app all these module making it so erpnext apart from its main essence


I would also like to know it would better to have these as apps on the overall ERPNext framework trying to be something to everyone only create confusion and problems and a lot of management issues?


Because that is not the philosophy of this platform. It’s a monolith and plans to stay that way. Free to not use the app you don’t want.

so, the answer to my question is “no, does not represent the status of the commit (f056974bc588dea4c1dc4f0f885fa77e44f4d7b2)”, right?

consequently, there is not public instance where one could play with the healthcare functionality available yet

@vrms you are right, but you can see all features in an earlier commit 5981381168a5996d8efa3d688f610eee58c3b5e6. We have stripped all inpatient related features as decided in the code sprint. Lets collaborate and get more features into healthcare.
Hope frappe team would make heathcare available in demo.erpnext

@khushal_t @imllc domainification recently introduced would help you to set up instances where only domain specific information is available.

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I’m on board with monolithic just so long as the development/merge of a added feature/app/broadening of ERPNext’s horizons can ignored by those whom don’t use choose to use the feature/etc. my post was more about keeping Master stable with out the need of weekly or even daily patches. I felt like we were getting to that point recently and was hoping it would remain that way. that’s all


The post subject line says the code was merged to develop branch and not master. So it won’t affect master. And if you don’t update you stable version there is nothing to worry. That’s how I understand it.

I read the title as saying ERPNext Healthcare was merged to “develop” as in to develop the solution further not to the development branch which I do not use and it was unclear in the post. I do believe that ensuring that we do not have to install all of the area of specialty are valid, keeping Master stable is key to use and growth…

@akurungadam Hi i’m new on this plateform, i want to know is there any exact date to launch the smarteCare app and the others ERPNext healthcare features as you mentionned

Secondly i have a source of inspiration, which is really interessting :

1 : main core : oeHealth | Odoo Apps Store
2 : Extra addons : oeHealth Extra Addons | Odoo Apps Store

Hope that my first contribution in this community will be useful.


the healthcare functionality is untegeated now in the new version 9 which has just been released.

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