BOM explosion - is the import/create order important?

Is it still a requirement to import/create BOMs from the lowest level upwards?

Yes. You need to start from the bottom and work your way to the top :slight_smile: .

Thanks. It seems that cancelling, duplicating and submitting a BOM is sufficient to tidy things up, so that’s a relief.

If you have updated a sub-assembly BOM, you could also use BOM update tool, it can replace the old sub-assembly BOMs even the exploded BOMs, irrespective of the hierarchy .

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That’s the bom update tool on the manufacturing page?
I thought it updated only cost.
(Still learning!)

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I’ll reply to my own post with clarifications.
Multi-level BOMs

  1. If you are creating a multi-level BOM structure you must start with the lowest level parts first.
  2. This applies if you are creating by hand in ERPNext, or importing data.
  3. BOMs must be submitted in ascending order.
  4. Parts in a single import must not have any parent/child relationship to each other. They may be siblings, but not parent/child.

A 12 level structure requires all items to be created and then 11 BOM imports to be performed to ensure that there is no “sibling” rivalry.

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