BOM import error

I’m testing BOM import (V7.2.8) and getting an error I don’t understand. I exported the template with data with only the mandatory items checked, plus a new column I added for reference designators (which are critical on a circuit board). This is a simple test BOM with 5 parts (raw material) on the BOM for “Item2”. The example export for Item 1 (which I created using “Make a New BOM”) looks like this:

I modified it for Item2 and added a couple of parts to test out the ref des field, but it fails on the “BOM-Item2-001” field in Column 2, and I don’t understand why. Here is the imported data:

And this is the error I get:

If I select a couple of the check boxes, it will simply tell me that it ignores the problem entry, but I cannot submit it that way.

I have tried feeding the exported sample template back into the import to see what happens, and it seems to work when no check boxes are set, but it will fail under the following circumstances:


Any ideas on why my BOM import for Item2 fails? This would be the case of creating a BOM for an Item that has none yet. And any ideas on why I get errors simply feeding back the template from the Data Import Tool?

Thanks much


It’s possible that this is some sort of User Permissions issue. But when I started messing around with that I somehow set it so that I cannot even see that BOM exists in the Manufacturing module. Items are there, but no BOM or BOM browser. So I either locked myself out of that or somehow deleted BOM from our installation.

I think that’s enough damage for one day. I’ll get with an IT literate colleague to see whether we can reinstall me as a user or something to recover where I was. If anyone has another suggestion the bad operand type in the BOM import, I’m all ears.

Try to set the rate column as 1 in your template, maybe it might help.