Manufacturing Module Installation messed up?

In the course of messing with User permissions for my BOM import problems (see BOM import error) I got the Manufacturing Module to the point that it does not even show that BOM and some other stuff exists. I verified with a colleague that his login shows the same thing mine does, so I don’t think this is an individual permissions problem. Is there a more general setting that I might have flipped to cause this?

This is a screenshot of Manufacturing in my view:

as compared to the EPRNext demo of the same screen:

Curiouser and Curiouser…

I can see BOM & BOM Item in the DocType list, but BOM no longer appears in the list for User Permissions or Role Permissions, nor under Items. The BOM DocType (desk#Form/DocType/BOM) says that I edited it 4 months ago, but that’s impossible - we only installed ERPNext a couple of weeks ago and I have only really touched it starting this week, so something there is wacky. Plus I do not believe that I have customized the BOM form at all - only the BOM Item form.

I’m becoming convinced that some sort of configuration problem is at the core of this - maybe a defaults value got changed that causes a problem. Perhaps something like what I see in SOLVED Issues with Doctype permission - #10 by synertic. Does anyone have another notion?

@ChipBrown you need to update your instance to the latest version of ERPNext. In an earlier release, if you remove all permissions from a DocType, then it would not be selectable from the Role Permission Manager. This has been fixed in newer releases.

or you can directly import the permission rules again.