BOM including Subcontracting


I’m looking for any suggestion to handle BOM’s, let me explain: I’m implementing ERPNext for a Manufacturer of Bolts.

The BOM include obviously raw materiales and operations, but there are some operations, like chemical treatments that are made by an external supplier, at this order (example):

  1. Cut bar (in plant)
  2. Thread (in plant)
  3. Chemical Treatment (external supplier)
  4. Detail (in plant)
  5. Packing (in plant)

¿How can I handle at the same BOM external services that require purchase orders? ¿Is it possible?


Have you looking at this?

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Hi @rmehta,

I did changes according your suggestiong, but it seems that nested BOM creates some bugs when using the Production Planing Tool.

I just posted in Production Order finished without complete every step at BOM

Any suggestiong would be really helpful.