BOM Quality Inspection Required Rethink


I have been implementing the Manufacturing Module, and ran into the following issue:
Quality Inspection Required is a decent feature but it doesn’t make much sense if we are to do it as a global checkbox for every item on the BOM. Some BOM’s are complicated resulting in 150 + items and some of those items are so much small or reused so many times (example a Nail or Screw) it doesn’t make sense to have to create a Quality Inspection upon each purchase or stock entry.

My suggestion is to bring it down to the Items Grid. Allowing user to choose which items require QI. And then check QI’s for those items only.

Sometimes we may not even run QI on materials and directly run it on finished product.


I agree. A global checkbox and a global QI template can be reconsidered at every line item level for raw material, output, and scrape materials.

I agree. Currently it is applicable to all items and scrap material. If the selection of Quality Inspection will be on item level, it will be helpful to remove quality inspection for scrap material.