Browser hangs on pressing setup wizard step 5's next button

Hi, I recently discovered ERPNext and I’m completely new. I tried it out, however, when I press the next button on the setup wizard step 5 the browser hangs (or enters an infinite loop?) every time.

I installed Bench/Frappe/ERPNext on Ubuntu 18.04, following Bench’s Manual Install guide in the document, so I guess I installed master branches including ERPNext 10.1.40.

I’m not sure how to report details for this problem but here’s a screenshot:

Data entered:
Country, currency and timezone: Pakistan (and defaults of Pakistan), I also tried other countries and timezones
Domain: Distribution

Can anyone please guide me how to fix it or what extra information is required for debugging this issue?

EDIT: I just noticed there is a same (unresolved) issue already at ERPNext Setup Wizard hangs at step 5 without any error

EDIT: The production virtual image (v10.1.18) doesn’t have this problem


I get the same error with English and other languages too.

Frappé 10.1.37
ERPNext 10.1.40


Seems as the problem is that in ERPNext developer virtual machine downloaded from, the virtualenv comes with python 3.5.

I tried with a machine with python 2.7 and it works well.

I hope this can be useful for anyone who faces this problem.


Fabyc, I reported this problem while using python2, and it seems to be a client side problem only, since the server doesn’t hang, the browser does. I still can’t get 10.1.40 to work. What did you do to fix the problem

The developers image has another problem that it fails to set up on the last step, however, the browser problem is not present on the developer’s image

Here’s a screenshot:

Ok, I figured it out, I was assuming that bench would install erpnext master branch by default, but it installed develop instead.

Fixed using:
bench switch-to-master
bench update

I am also encountering this issue on a clean install on Ubuntu 18.04. No errors in the browser console, and I can’t see any of the log files capturing anything.

I followed this to setup:

I’m going to attempt a reinstall. @saifi0102 at which point should I switch to master?

Initialize the bench, get the apps (erpnext), switch to master, perform a bench update so that it downloads any missing dependency, then create site.

In my case:

  • I download the production image of ERPNext virtual machine [1] for Virtualbox. It comes with ERPNext in branch master.
  • bench update
  • bench update --patch

In case you want to install with script (when you don’t want to use VB image), I did a test like this and worked very well in local machine and VPS: