Caching of text entered in data fields when using Chrome OSX

Has anyone seen caching of text that has been entered in a form. We were using Chrome on OSX and entering projects and tasks in the Projects Module. We would enter information in the Details field and then when we created the next task, the Details field would be pre-populated with the previous fields data or if we opened an existing task, we would see that the Details had been overwritten . Steve has created a video that shows the error occurring and you can see it here:

We are convinced it is a browser caching issue (but have been wrong before!). Just wondering if anyone else has seen this and if there is a fix.

Hallo, i am using Firefox and often have the same issue. I started a threat here in the forum, but i did not get any info.
This Problem i have since a longer period.

Thanks @quintact. Can you give me that link? I did a brief search for other posts mentioning the problem but I didn’t see any. Sorry that I missed yours.

Hallo, i found it - it seems a longer period before, but no solution
Best regards and thank you