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Hello. We are thinking of making backups of our drawings in ERPNext with a sort of ordering system (akin to that found in the Item and Item Group Master). Each Drawing will be grouped and will have a unique ID with which employees can pull them from the system or put them into the system.

My question is, is such a thing possible? To create a database that will host .PDF and .STL files that can be ordered? If not available by default, can it be obtained by customization? Or does the current architecture not support it at all?

In the File manager, you can define folders - sub-folders and sub-sub-folders as per your requirement. Please check if it works for you.

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My company has implemented something like this. We have customized the Item document with a “Design” subsection:

We use Autodesk Inventor for most of our CAD work, so we created an Add-In that interfaces with ERPNext to “Release” the CAD documents. They go through an approval process and when released, they are uploaded to the file manager and attached to the Item document. If we need CAD for any item, we just go to the Item doc and they are all there - very easy.

We have also created some customizations in ERP that can load these files into RFQs and Purchase Orders, so that we can send them to suppliers when requesting quotes and ordering parts. With one click, all the design documents for each item in the RFQ / PO are attached, and they can be selected for emailing to the suppliers.


Thanks for the suggestions!! File Manager sounds more like what we might need for our implementation but Ben, that is a really impressive system there. Might come in handy for future use. Thanks again!

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