Workflow for design based startup(approval of designs from customers)

Hello Community,

I was about to implement a workflow for Photoshop(.psd) or Adobe Illustrator Designs(.ai). Let’s suppose a designing startup, have 10 designer and 50 clients, have to design their task from those 10 designers every day.

By creating a project, using attachment(file manager) feature, designer submits their designs with a project, so the customer can get notified that this kind of design has been updated. If a customer wants some more modification, can write a brief note there and update their review.

Again, Designer got notified, that customer wants this kind of modification and designer will submit another version with updated modification. It will also help designer, project manager to track about designs. At the final stage, design approved. Printing Press, will be notified with approved designs. and Job done, Project closed. Hence, mutual work reduced, tracking able to recover that file in future as well.

Similar, already happening with Leave approval Workflow. Also, a similar question raised here, and @Ben_Cornwell_Mott has done a great job with that as well. Can anyone contribute me with this?