Can Anyone Here Help Me With Margin?

I have done everything suggested in Documentation and online, Margin is still not activated for Quotation in my v14 setup. Please I need help urgently. Thank you.

Please explain the configurations you have done with an example for better clarity.

I have setup price list, item price and even price rule, only discount is still visible, margin isn’t.

If you set the item price for that price list, then the margin/discount section should be visible in the item child table of Quotation.

Can you share a screenshot where you saw discount but no margin?

That is Quotation Item Doctype.

I await your guidance. Thank you.

Quotation item doctype is the one where you click edit on the any of the items. In that pop up you’ll see the discount and margin section.
The first screenshot you shared was the quotation doctype not the quotation item.

I am sincerely sorry for coming back now, I have been busy at work. I just did another screenshot of Quotation Item Doctype and I have attached it again.

@Void_Moon and others, please I still need your help.

I don’t really understand your question ( I did not read it carefully, but I suppose Void_Moon did. You still did not go to the place he told.

My question is: under Quotation, Discount and Margin are supposed to be activated in the same section but it is only discount that is active and I have Item Price and Price List active. What am I missing?

Please click on the edit button you see in this screenshot

There you will see the discount and margin section.

Quotation Item Doctype is the child table Doctype.
Quotation is the parent Doctype.
The Discount and Margin section is in the child table Doctype, not in the parent Doctype.

Thank you very much! I can see the area now. Where I am having the last challenge now is, where do I apply for instance 10% Margin? I have attached the picture from my end. Thank you very much and everyone who has helped me out.

Sorry I can’t help you. I only could help you understand what @Void_Moon was meening. I never user margin

I’m not sure if this is a submitted document, but you should see a margin type field in the draft state. There you should give percentage, then in the next field, you give the percentage. (It will automatically convert the percentage to an amount value and add it to your total cost.)

Unfortunately, Margin Type Field is not being displayed. That is where the problem lies I think. The screenshot is not Submitted but a Draft.

Did I miss out anything for the Margin Type not to be displayed?

I sincerely appreciate your help thus far, thank you very much!

You know you could actually customize this and add whatever value you wish to show if it’s missing right?

Please, how can I do that? I actually want 25% Margin but it should be optional.

If i get you correctly, you want to ba able to apply a 25% margin on an item price but this should be optional, which means you will apply it on an item-by-item basis in your quotation. If this is the case then add two custom fields to the child doctype, one for the margin percentage and one for the percentage value. Then you will add two client scripts, one to calculate the margin value and one to override and update the item price.