Can anyone install ERPnext on my Digital ocean droplet/VPS?

Hello All
Can anyone install ERPnext on my digital ocean droplet/VPS, if share the login details,

thank you

Hi @faizeej
Try here:


Its simple step process if you are using fresh installation. Use Ubutnu 16 for below step.

  1. Log in with root ID using SSH
  2. Create user ID called frappe if you wants.
  3. Give root access to frappe.
  4. Log out
  5. Log in with frappe ID.
  6. Remote root log in

This may help with root ID creation

Easy install script

  1. using frappe ID type sudo apt-get install python-minimal
  2. type wget
  3. for production server type sudo python --production --user frappe
  4. Enter password for Admin and DB
  5. Sit back and have a cup of coffee. Wait 5 minute and you are done.
  6. On any browser use the static IP given by DO

Hope this helps.


install erpnext is very easy if you know about command line…

but if you dont m=know much best get a system admin assistance.

See these links it will help you

Please share your contact details,
Do you need any other contact details?

We are using ERPNext on Digital Ocean for 2 months and each day ERPNext hangs for 2 minutes. It occurs only once a day. We are on 2GB and 1vCPU tier with only 1 user. Is there anyone who also have this problem?

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Been using digitalocean for a while too, with a several servers of same specs as yours only with upto 20+ users. Haven’t faced that problem
What occurs during that time when it hangs?

Check fail2ban. This occurs when there are many hits from one IP to the server. fail2ban blocks the IP for about 5 minutes. After that the IP is refreshed and user is able to connect. This is a general problem.

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Hello @Muzzy, thanks for the info. I don’t understand the logic with fail2ban. When will it block the IP, exactly? How can @deatram use it with 20+ users?

Hello @deatram, did you install or configure anything besides easy installation script (Production mode) for using ERPNext on Digital Ocean server?

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Just used easy install. but after some time I had to uninstall fail2ban, since I noticed it kept on blocking me

Steps for installation:

sudo bash -c ‘for i in update {,dist-}upgrade auto{remove,clean}; do apt-get $i -y; done’

sudo apt-get install python-minimal -y


sudo python --production --user frappe --bench-branch master --frappe-branch staging --erpnext-branch staging --mysql-root-password YOURSQLPASSWORD --admin-password YOURADMINPASSWORD