Can not access to general ledger report?

I have set user permission to one company under user permissions,
But when I try to see the general ledger reports no company showing

How to fix this?

Thanks & Regards

How many Company exists in your setup?? and have you map user with company in user permission doc??

there are 2 companies in my setup and one company is map to user .

Through which user you have logged in and seeing General Ledger Report??

I login with that user that i have apply the company in user permission

For that user which role you have given??

Accounts Manager,Account user,item manager,purchase manager,sales manager,
sales master manager,sales manager,sales user

Is it correct or not?

Okay. So check this role is mapped to General Ledger Report or not?

1.Login to Admin
2. Go to ‘Role Permission for Page and Report’
3.Set Role For= Report
4.Report = General Ledger
5.Check Role is ticked or not whatever you have given to that user

If Not then tick check box and Update and then check are you able to see company are not.

after 2nd step i am confused can you please explain little bit more?

On this page , what you are seeing??

when i search roll permission in awsome bar then nothing is to show …

Admin login also??

yes i login with admin

when i remove the developer mode then the Role Permission for Page and Report is shown in the awsome bar i follow your step but still issue is same…

In Company List view ,are you able to see companies?? OR it might be an issue.

I am not able to see the company here still issue will be same …

Can anyone help mi to sort this …


Go to User List → Open User → Click on Permissions and select Set User Permissions → check if that user has any restriction.

I have already applied the permission.
Added roll Account manager,Account user ,Item manager, purchase manage,sales manager,sales user,sales master manager this roll i have to given user but the company is not shown in the report.

still i am facing same issue…