Can not login into erpnext using ERpnext andriod and ios mobile application

we hosted erpnext in aws.when we give domain/ip adress in select server field and go button clicked for login into erpnext,erpnext mobile application freezez.

How can i access our server from erpnext mobile application.please help

If you have added http or https prefix in the url, remove it and try again.

I tried like in the image

go button disabled when we press that

can you provide a test username and password?

username :
password : 1234

can you login sir ?

Yes, I can

Wait for a few seconds after entering the server address. User login screen will show up.

Now i can login successfully.but when when i click any menu in the shows the module but list menu is blocking.

can not move this to move this

It’s a known issue, it will be fixed soon

is this issue is solved.still list menu is blocking.

Hi all,

Erpnext mobile app no respon after login. I installed jasper erpnext report beforehand.
Before I installed jasper report, the mobile app run well.

Please help me…what I have to do?


This is known issue: Edit mode · Issue #8 · frappe/mobile · GitHub

You can participate in the bounty campaign, aimed at improving ERPNext Mobile :wink:

Thank you @strixaluco