Can someone explain how the the Delivery Note/ Packing slip process works please?

I’d really appreciate if some one could explain this to me.
Say I have five items that I have entered into a Sales Order:

1 x Item A
1 x Item B
2 x Item C
1 x Item D

From the Sales Order I generate a Delivery Note. Now I want to pack the 5 items into 4 boxes:
1 x Item A and 1 x Item B go together into 1 box
2 x Item C each go into a separate box each, so there are 2 boxes
Item D goes into 1 box.

When I generate the Delivery Note I can see how to make a Packing Slip.
But it is not clear to me how to generate a Packing Slip for each box and how to apportion the Items to each box.

Sorry if I am missing something obvious but I am not understanding this process.
Any instructions and help will be greatly appreciated.
Mike Logan

I think as a workaround you may have to create separate delivery notes for the separate packages. So in this case, you may have 3 delivery notes linked to the sales order.

Thankyou for your reply.
I really appreciate your help on this subject.
I have tested the workaround.
Unfortunately it does not work in one particular way.
Using my previous example, what happens is this…

We know at the end the 5 items will be shipped in 4 boxes.
As with standard shipping procedure the boxes will be marked “Box 1 of 4”, “Box 2 of 4”……….“Box 4 of 4”

1 x Item A and 1 x Item B use Delivery Note 1 and, from that, Packing slip 1. Packing Slip 1 is printed once for Box 1 and reads:
“From Package No 1 to Package No 1”

2 x Item C use Delivery Note 2, and, from that Packing Slip 2. Packing Slip 2 is printed twice for the 2 boxes marked Box 2 and Box 3 and reads:
“From Package No 1 to Package No 2” But it needs to read “From Package No 2 to Package No 3”

1 x Item D uses Delivery Note 3, and, from that Packing Slip 3. Packing Slip 3 is printed once for Box 4 and reads:
“From Package No 1 to Package No 1” But it needs to read “From Package No 4 to Package No 4”

So I think this workaround has a problem.

In every day manufacturing we find the shipping one of he most time consuming processes.
I would also suggest that my example is typical of a process that happens all the time in factories all around the world
I am very appreciative of what Erpnext can do but I do think this particular aspect of Erpnext requires some improvement.
If someone can suggest another way around this problem I would be very pleased to hear what I might be able to do.
Kind regards
Mike Logan

On further investigation you are correct!
Sorry for my misunderstanding.
I now see that I can manually renumber the boxes in the fields at the top of the packing slip.
So your workaround is correct.
What would be excellent is to have multiple packing slips coming from one delivery note.
Thanks for your patience.
Mike Logan

You can have multiple packing slips for a single Delivery Note:

Thanks for your help Kenneth.
I understand now.
I have done some more experimentation with it and got it to work.
The documentation needs to be expanded a bit.
Are we allowed to help with improving documentation?

All help is welcome!

Send a PR for the same :smile:

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I am looking for the same. Could you share a mini guide here atleast?

Here are my findings on Packing Slip

  1. You can create a Packing Slip against a Delivery Note (Draft) {took me some time to figure out that the Packing Slip needs to be created in the Draft stage of Delivery Note}
  2. Lets take an example
    Delivery Note has following line items
    Item A x 1 Nos.
    Item B x 1 Nos.
    Item C x 2Nos.
    Item D x 1 Nos
  1. In order to do this, once you have entered the Delivery Note (DN) data and saved in Draft state, create a Packing Slip from the Delivery Note Packing Slip by clicking on the + sign besides the Packing Slip
  2. Once you create a packing slip the system will fetch the first package no., 1 in this case and fetch all items at once
  3. Remove all line items except the first two since Item A and B go together and save and submit the packing slip
  4. Create a new packing slip from DN dashboard, this will fetch the remaining items to be packed, remove unwanted items and reduce the Quantity as required.
  5. This way you can create separate packing slips for each package/box.
  6. Once you have created all the packing slips, you may submit the Delivery note and Print the Packing Slips to be inserted in each Package.

Excellent, thanks to share your finding, request you to write a new post in a specific format like below url if you don’t mind.

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Thank you @Manan_Shah. Just in time for my meeting with a cargo company in few days.

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