Canadian Chart of Accounts defaulting to French COA/No option to set Chart of Accounts in setup

I am unable to set a Standard Chart of Accounts for Canadian currency. It defaults to a French Chart of Accounts.

erpnext version: 10.1.67
foundation version: 0.0.1
frappe version: 10.1.59
bench version: 4.1.0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install production instance of ERPNext with easy install
    sudo python --production --user newuser --verbose

  2. Realized database naming is based on hashing but would like to rename database to something meaningful (Referenced ticket: User defined database name - #2 by netchampfaris)
    bench drop-site site1.local
    bench new-site --db-name betterdatabasename
    Realized modules are missing (Referenced ticket: There are no modules present in ERPNext for solution)
    bench --site install-app erpnext

  3. Website showing “Sorry, we will be back soon” maintenance mode message. Referencing steps from another ticket, ran commands to resolve:

bench --site migrate
bench --site set-maintenance-mode off
bench --site scheduler resume
bench setup supervisor
sudo supervisorctl restart all
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx restart

Site is available again.

  1. “Domains” selected: Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Services

  2. After installing ERPNext to get modules back, when running through first use setup as administrator, I’m not given the option to pick a Chart of Accounts with currency set to CAD and timezone set to MT - Edmonton. If I follow through first-time setup to the end, I end up with a default Chart of Accounts for French speakers. Screenshot to determine which Chart of Accounts was actually used attached.

According to the forums, the only way to change a Chart of Accounts, except for deleting all child accounts and re-adding, is to reinstall. However, reinstalling just leads me back to a French default Chart of Accounts. How can I resolve this?

Also, if there are any steps used in the resolution of the maintenance mode issue that are redundant or unneeded, I’m happy to learn more about that too. Thanks!

Dear Tristan,

You can set the chart of accounts in English simply by creating a new canadian company. You need not uninstall or re-install anything. Make sure you select the value “Standard” under the chart of accounts template rather than “Canada - Plan comptable pour les provinces francophone”

When you add the company follow the steps as per the screenshot attached.

Hope this helps!


Hi Rushikesh,

Are there any alternatives to this? Otherwise, I’d need to create a ‘fake’ company in the initial ERPNext installation just so that I can delete it and create the ‘real’ company just so I can get an English chart of accounts to test with as well as deleting the old company that is no longer needed (Which I tried yesterday but has a series of requirements attached to it [Removal of links to Homepage, Email Digest, Shopping Cart and Setup Progress]) and removing setup progress for the first company ended up creating other issues for me. I’m hoping there is an easier way than this.




Here’s another option, first remove this /apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts/verified/ca_plan_comptable_pour_les_provinces_francophones.json

then run ‘bench reinstall’ that will wipe the database and rerun the setup wizard and install the Standard English Canada COA.

Note this report too On Canadian Set Up, the French Chart of Accounts Template is applied as default · Issue #12456 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

it looks like there is no English template for Canada in the ~/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts/verified/ folder

so the thing that can be done is either to use take the standard chart of accounts (which is not tailored to Canada), or

  1. take the ca_plan_comptable_pour_les_provinces_francophones.json file from the verified folder
  2. create an English Version of that file (with a tool like this it may be less cumbersome)
  3. place is inside the verified folder with a meaningfull name (important that this start with ca_ (which will have the system recognize it as suitable for a company with the location Canada)
  4. create a new company with location Canda for which you can choose that new CoA template upon creation time
  5. remove that new .json file again. If you keep it in the folder it will create problem upon your next bench update
    5.1 alternatively you can also stash the new CoA json form the /apps/erpnext with a git stash I guess which would hide it from git somehow

All this is only possible once you have access to that folder and makes sense if the french Chart for Canada has the structure you want (or at least similar) & just the display language is between you an happiness.

I am afraid you can only get this working with creation of a new company. Once a company exists you can only manually apply changes to the CoA

P.S. if you do this @tristanvigar it would be nice to create a PR with the new English version of the Canadian CoA on github. If you need any assistance with how to achieve that ping me for help with this

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