Cannot add different tax for different items in invoices

I need to add different taxes for different items in same invoice. I tried adding taxes in each item by using item tax but it is not showing when i am adding items to sales invoice or purchase invoice . I even tried adding tax rule for each Item But all I am getting is Tax in Taxes and charges section with taxes applicable to all items like common tax.Can You tell me how to add different taxes in different items such that i can get invoices with items Each having different Taxes.

you will get solution here Taxes not getting applied - #2 by abrarpv97

But I tried to give item tax in each item with different tax but It is not showing neither in purchase invoice nor in sales invoice.

You can add itemwise tax .Check Screenshot of purchase invoice.

You just create Item Tax Template For Item A
Tax name=CGST and Rate=6.5
Tax name =SGST and Rate=8.9

For Item B you create another template
Tax name=CGST and Rate=4.2
Tax name =SGST and Rate=14.5

-Map that template in Item master

-Then create Purchase Tax and Template by using CGST and SGST with zero rate and Type=On Net Total…and save

  • On Purchase Invoice- Select Purchase tax template, select Item
    -in Item child table- there is one field ‘Item Tax Template’- Select resp.template
  • Save Invoice form
    -Scroll Down
    -Tax breakup section will appear and check
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Can it work on version 11 too?

You can try once.I checked on 12

Thanks I got it .:smiley: